Book: The Temple Stop

Author: Harinder Cheema

Publication : BlueRose Publication

Blurb :
The Temple Stop is not just a story of love and romance. It is a story of all those soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in the service of the nation. A story of their helpless families who are forced to live a life of poverty and oblivion waiting for some divine intervention. It is also a social commentary on the evils prevailing in the society. But nowhere are the social messages forced on the readers. The treatment is very subtle. The story has a natural flow like that of a river and the messages are like the silt it carries along its course which helps make the land fertile and rich.


The cover of the book could have been better. I like the concept but the colours make it dull.

The story is not like usual Indian Love Stories. It focuses on romantic love along with love for the nation. I loved how story began and ended with a poem. Short poems in between were my favourite. The story-line is unique and its constant flow made this book a page turner. This book really explained me the meaning of sacrifice. The plot got emotional at times but overall I loved reading the book.
Overall I really recommend the readers to read this book.

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