Book: Those Delicious Letters

Author: Sandeepa Datta Mukherjee


From the bestselling author of Bong Mom’s Cookbook, comes a novel about food, family and love Soon after her fortieth birthday, Shubha starts receiving letters with traditional Bengali recipes from a mysterious lady in Calcutta claiming to be her grandmother. Never one for cooking, but drawn by the nostalgia and lured into the delicious world of forgotten food, Shubha starts experimenting with the recipes. The dishes are an instant hit with everyone she knows – everyone except Sameer, her very busy husband. As Shubha tries to find the mysterious writer and her own life begins to unravel, the notes from a bygone era give her courage to take a second chance at life. Torn between the taste of success that the letters bring her, and the need to save her marriage, Shubha must find the perfect recipe for love.

To begin, the cover is beautiful, at first it will be difficult to guess why such cover but once you read a few chapters you will realise the cover matches the book perfectly.
I love trying new genres and I was very keen to try this book. It’s so beautifully written with a tint of nostalgia and taste of all traditional recipes. Along with the protagonist I was keen to receive the letter and to add it in my cooking list. Such a unique story and a very unexpected ending give a perfect touch to the book.
Overall this Diwali, along with a tint of nostalgia and unlimited snacks and sweets, this book should be in your TBR list too

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