Book: Magical Mythology

Author: Stuti Gupta

Blurb :
Ever wondered how baby Rama got the moon to play with? And how little Krishna defeated a big, black snake to get his ball. Hanuman and Ganesha are also up to something adventurous.
Join these little heroes as they swing between being naughty, heroic, curious, creative and thoroughly entertaining.
In Magical Mythology, we have put together more than twenty fascinating and unheard of stories from the rich Indian mythology.
The stories will amaze you, amuse you and will leave you wanting to read more.

To begin with, covers are really really really very cute. Just like the other illustrations in the book. The concept of Krishna and Ganesha laughing and playing together is so adorable

This book is yet another gift for my niece and she absolutely loved it. Like who wouldn’t ? All pages are colourful and have so many illustrations and activity pages. It has puzzles, colouring pages and what not. The facts and thoughts at the end of the chapter were like the cherry on the cake. Easy language and interesting stories made this book a page-turner for us. A special mention for the illustrator, he drew everything so beautiful

A fun book for all the kids around you and a light read to cheer you up makes this book a must read for you.

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