Book: The Place Where Rivers Meet

Author: Yumlam Tana

Blurb: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Who would understand this better than the ancestors of the Nyishi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh who lived in a vicious circle of revenge?
A slave falls in love with the favourite wife of his old master. A pair of hornbills courts each other and seeks a nesting place on a tree deep inside the canopies of a tropical forest. A shaman who has been bested in love by a village bumpkin let loses a bloodbath out of spite for his rival in love.

A young man taking advantage of the development process with the coming of the Hariangs (non-tribals) wants to embrace modern life after availing good educational opportunities.

Their lives get intertwined in the version of the story narrated by one of them; where the quotidian and bizarre, natural and supernatural are blended together in this surreal and cautionary tale of love, longing and existential angst under a changed circumstance of the tribe’s history.


To begin with, I really liked the cover. It is simple but yet very attractive.
The storyline is a bit different than what I usually read. It took me some time to get along with the storyline of the book. But after a few chapters, it became very interesting. This book has the concept I wanted to read for very long, and when I read this book, I came now so many new things about tribal life in the North East.
If you want to read something different, than this book is your pick.

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