Book : Amour – A tale of two lost soul

Author : Noufer Aboobacker & Ipshita Choudhuri

Blurb : Leaving behind her hometown Chennai, Hassini Balakrishnan goes to study in Coimbatore. A college which she dreamt off. She has always been a bright student and a good child. Finally, it was her time to live life her way. And there Hassini learned about life. How life can be so unpredictable! How life can give you so much in one moment and take everything in another moment! College was supposed to be a good chapter in her life but sadly it was not. Life took away a lot more than it gave her.

Review :

To begin with cover is just beautiful. It gives you the feel of the autumn love. I loved the color combination. It looks really pretty.
The storyline is just so beautifully written, it leaves you completely emotional at the end. I read such an emotional storyline after a really long time, and I must say I am not at all disappointed. The storyline is filled with all types of emotions. It will make you smile, cry and even weep till days and the ending, I was not ready for it. Overall the storyline is really good, language is easy and you will get attached to the story really soon.
This book is surely a must read, if you are planning to read something different

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