Book: A Drop Of You

Author: Krishna Chhetri

Blurb: We become overtly colourless when our hearts aren’t together; only when a soul finds its body, they sing and dance together to the colours of life.
Three closely-knit people, Karma, Diana & Ghazal meet at the crossroads of life, unaware of the cosmic conspiracy and its comical destiny. The heart is their road, love is their journey and the soul, the final destination. Sailing on the tides of emotions, they encounter deceit, with a tinge of poison and drop of bliss. Forever love; it is a myth? Or a reality? Is it stifling pain or undying love, that makes love eternal? Come, let us explore!

Review: To begin with I liked the colour combination of the cover. The matte finish gives it a very different and elegant look. I really liked the fonts used.
I really liked the concept used by the author. Inclusion of poetries was a beautiful idea. The language used is simple and narration is very good. The storyline could have been better. I was really surprised by the twists this book had stored for me.
Overall if you love romance novels, this book is a pick for you.

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