Book: The Mother Of All Parties

Author: Padmini Sankar

Publisher: Harper Collins India

Pam has had enough of Honey Sarin, whose cutting barbs and snide comments have gone a little too far. This time, Pam is not going to take it lying down. For her twentieth anniversary, she resolves to throw the biggest, most glamorous party Dubai has ever seen – one that will outdo Honey’s, whose own the twentieth anniversary is a week before Pam’s. But the going isn’t easy, and Pam finds herself facing countless obstacles: an ex-flame who returns and sets her heart beating again, an indifferent husband who patronises and undermines her, a shockingly rude daughter who won’t let Pam into her life, and last but not the least, an absconding worker whom she shelters. As Pam struggles to juggle all the different aspects of her life, will she be able to throw the mother of all parties?

To begin with, I loved the cover. The detailing is so good. The illustrator has kept in mind every single detail like saree border and rings and pearls and that is just amazing.

Now the review, this book is just one of its kind. It’s really difficult to revolve the story around a single concept, but I must say the author has done a great job. I loved how the author has described everything in such a detailed manner. The language used is very easy and is quite relatable. With a perfect pinch of fun and romance, this book is all set to hold your attention from the first page to the last page.

If you wish to read something fun, interesting and witty then this book is for you.

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