Book: My Best Friend’s Son’s Wedding

Author: Zarreen Khan

Blurb :
Minty Sood is the toast of the town! A well-known face in Delhi’s elite society, she’s single, beautiful and looks nothing like her age in fact, nobody would believe that she has a twenty-two-year-old son! Often at the receiving end of many eligible proposals, Minty has even zeroed in on The One. Puneet Bhalla is suave, wealthy and wants to marry Minty. So, of course, she accepts … … 24 hours before her son proposes to his girlfriend! Now Minty has to switch gears from bride-to-be to mother-in-law-to-be, which is awkward enough to begin with, but there’s also the intimidating mother of her son’s fiancé, a secret love affair and a crazy best friend to deal with. From the bestselling author of Koi Good News comes a rib-tickling novel about family, friends and not one but two big fat Indian weddings!

To begin, the cover is really good. It’s simple, bright and colorful. I loved the way the fonts are used.

I really loved this book, it has a very cute, theeka meetha storyline. A combination of bubbly characters and flawless writing made me feel like I am actually seeing the whole story in front of my eyes. I loved how the author tried to portray real feelings and used language that easily connects with the heart.

Easy language, relatable writing and a very fun story make this book a must-read for all.

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