Book: The Code Of Manavas

Author: Arpit Bakshi


Thank you The Book Genie for the review copy 

The Code of Manavas, Part I Of Maha Vishnu Trilogy is set in 2050 AD. A new race, Manava now exist on Bhoomi.

Bhoomi is divided into two mainlands of Madavpur and Ayudhpur. But only Krishna knows something that nobody else does. Krishna is the head scientist and is busy working with an immense task. He has to prepare a new abode for the Manavas before an impending apocalypse destroys them. He knows something that nobody else does. To make matters worse, there is someone in Madhavpur who wants to destroy Krishna and rule each and very Manava.  

What does Krishna know? And what price will they pay?

The story is based in future and has a very unique combination with the past. The way how past and future are blended together its quite amazing. The story is fast-paced and has very interesting story line which will keep you engaged throughout the books. The characters are portrayed very  strong. It is interesting how different names of Lord Krishna are used for different characters. The character of Krishna, Mohan and Radhika are surely the best. The ending and the climax are really surprising and you just wont be able to wait for the next part. At some part of the, there are some resemblance with other novels , otherwise it is a quite interesting read.

If you are a fan of Science Fictions or Mythological Fictions, this book is surely your next pick.

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