Book: The Watchmaker and Time

Author: Devang Kanavia

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“Zero was the alternate side of infinity”

Plot : Pedro’s love for watches was born out of a strange incident in his childhood when he receives a special watch from an old man. After many years, one fine day, he, commonly known as the ‘The Maestro of Time’ gets challenged by his grand daughter on the fundamentals of Time like “what is time ?” and “who created the time” After being unable to answer her innocent yet very important questions, he sets on a journey to search his answers.

Will he find all the missing answers? Will he ever find out the true essence of time?

Review: To begin with the story plot, the story is divided into 3 sections: the question, the direction and the completion. The plot is unique and awesome, just loved the way how the story unfolds. The story gives a lot of important information about time and its nature. The pictorial graphics and the way reality is combined, the book becomes a perfect read if you want to read something for your personal growth. Specially the end and the climax was totally unexpected, you can be totally awestruck by the way story and the climax unfolds.

If you want to know about the enigma of time this book surely the next pick for you.


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