Book : Tarikshir

Author : Khayaal Patel

Link :

The kingdom of Devanagari is in turmoil and the young prince is preparing to ascend the throne. But there is a frequent appearance and disappearance of a mysterious, masked stranger and a series of ritualistic murders. Who is this creature and how is he connected to all the strange occurrences?Rudra manages his new responsibilities as he unfolds the hidden mystery.

Plot: The story revolves around Rudra who ascends the throne of Devanagri after the sudden death of his father Raja Ravindra, when the British are eyeing to capture Devanagiri. But along with the terror of the Britishers, there is one more devil who is emerging which Rudra is totally unaware of.

Story is fast paced and very beautifully written. Each and every character is well explained and is very strong. The view from which the book is written is a perfect and give a complete scenerio. The book can give you enough chills and the suspense that will make you bit your nails.

It is very unique and different mystery story. The climax and the plot and the twists are totally unexpected. The way Ramayana was used in the plot is mind-blowing. If you love mysteries and suspense this book is surely for you.

I received the review copy from @thebookgenie


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