Book: The Anatomy of Choice

Author: Harshali Singh

Is choice really a possibility for women ?

Bhavya, the second daughter of the Sharma family, has made her life with Tenzin. As the flame of their love starts to dwindle they act on a fantasy that rises the consequences they aren’t ready to handle. Bhavya returns to her Haveli in Delhi unwilling to Tenzin’s demand of letting go the past where it belongs. As she navigates through the phase of her life, her parents support her silently.

Will Bhavya be able to work out her relationship? Is choice really a possibility for women?

The story is quite interesting. The characters and the concept are very strong, especially the character of Bhavya or Bee as she is called is very inspiring.
She teaches us to take the stand for the decisions we make.

Using words and the meaning from different languages is quite inspiring and I really loved the idea. The cover is just beautiful and justifies the story completely. The story is little slow paced but is quite interesting hence it keeps you engaged. The language used is very fluent and is easy to grasps. The twists can amaze you at times but Overall the book is very nice read.

If you want to read a modern and inspiring story, this book is your next pick.


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