Book: Ineligible

Author: Bijaya Kumar Mishra

Expectations are like unfaithful lovers – you suspect them, but you love them.


Saahil and Varsha are madly in love and expect to marry each other. Saahil, a carefree unemployed orphan, who earns nothing wants to marry Varsha, who belongs to a very wealthy family. Varsha’s brother has challenged him, that he must have a monthly income of at least one lakh rupees, a house, a car and a bank balance of ten lakh rupees. If he fails to do so in just a few months, Varsha will be married off to someone else.

As Saahil desperately struggles to complete the impossible task, he comes across many weird people and difficult situations. Will he be able to fulfil the conditions in time and marry the love of his life or will their expectations turn out to be unfaithful?

This is not just a love story of two ordinary souls with extraordinary expectations, but a story of war between hope and despair.


To begin with, I loved the cover. The concept of the book is very well depicted on the cover. The combination of the leaf, heart and flower used to explain the concept was very impressive.

The storyline is very smooth. The concept is refreshing and the pinch of weirdness makes this book a page-turner. The pace is medium and the language is very catchy.

If you like love stories with good and happy endings, then this book is surely a must read.


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