Book : Ringo & The Yogi

Author : Prasun Roy

Blurb : Ringo has just turned ten, and is very excited to go on a trekking expedition organized by Bharat Scouts and guides. During the expedition in joshimath, Ringo befriends a Yogi, who tells him inspiring adventurous stories. Soon after, a catastrophic cloudburst causes devastating floods and landslides in the entire Uttarakhand. The only hope for the boys to return home is to seek help from a nearby Army base camp. Ringo & The Yogi brave the calamities through the mountains and try to reach the army camp, finding a way through the dense and dangerous forest. Do they ultimately reach the army base and inform them about the location of the trekking camp? Does destiny lead Ringo and the Yogi to victory? And most importantly, who is the mysterious Yogi?

The cover of the book is very attractive. Bright colours and graphical representation makes this cover really interesting. When I first saw this cover I knew I had to read the book.

The concept of the book and storyline is very refreshing. It’s something unique and that makes this book an interesting read. I loved the character of Ringo and how his journey unfolds throughout the story. Book is medium paced and the language used by the author is simple hence it becomes easy read even for the kids. I really loved the ending it was like a magic for me.

Overall this book is a great read for the kids and the adults like me 🙂

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