Book: Sondai : The Dowager Bride

Author: Payal Kumar

Sondai, who is about to die, reminiscences her entire life of transformation. She is a widow, which is a taboo in our society till date, particularly in the villages of our country and in the state Bihar. The story revolves around the indomitable beliefs of Sondai, the main character, and how this ultimately brings a progression in the fate of her family as well.

To begin with concept of the cover is so good. The colour scheme and simplistic view suits this book beautifully.
The story revolves around Sondai, who is a widow and about to die soon. Fighting her way out from the taboo of our society, this is her story of struggle and progression. The storyline and the writing is so unique. I loved how how elegantly strong the character of Sondai was portrayed. The story was fast paced and it threw the light on the various taboos of Indian Society. The engaging words of the author made this book a page turner.
Great plot, engaging storyline and relatable language made this book one of my favourites.
If you like to read women based fiction, then this book is surely for you.
Special thanks to the author for sending a beautiful handwritten letter, card and book mark. This made the book much more special for me.


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