Book : Made In China

Author : Parinda Joshi

Blurb : Raghu Mehta is a desperate man. His handicraft imports business has unexpectedly collapsed and cash is drying out quickly, his wife thinks he is a loser and society considers him irrelevant. Meanwhile, his closest friends and family all seem to be running flourishing businesses and living luxurious lives in Surat, the diamond capital of India. A trip to China to scout for a new consumer goods business offers a glimmer of hope. But Raghu instead gets sucked into the black-market trade in the back alleys of Beijing. Everything about this new opportunity goes against his god-fearing, vegetarian, middle-class mindset – can he quash his natural instincts to make a success of it? Darkly comical, Made in China is a soul-stirring and thrilling entrepreneurial journey of a man willing to do anything he can to make it big.

Review :

A book which is also now a movie, brings a different type of excitement with it and so did this book. To begin with Cover is so beautiful. Colour combination, look and feel, everything is just so beautiful. 

The story is just so amazing. A perfect blend of comedy and drama. Storyline is so fluent that I could literally imagine scenario happening in my mind. Language is easy, concept is new and this book is a perfect read for everyone.

If you love to read something different, then this book is one for you.

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