Book : India’s Most Haunted

Author : K. Hari Kumar

There are places where the past lingers, making shapes in the moonlight and blowing in the curtains even as the air goes suddenly still. K. Hari Kumar, bestselling author of spine-chilling horror fiction, brings you the terrifying tales of some of India’s most haunted places – including Bhangarh Fort, Malabar Hill’s Tower of Silence and Jammu and Kashmir’s notorious Khooni Nala. Whether you read them at night or in daylight, these stories will remain with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

Review : To begin with cover is pretty. It simple and sweet. I liked the fonts used for the cover page and also the colour combination, it looks beautiful.
I remember when we were young and when me and my cousins had a night out, we would sit in a dark room and talk about different incidents of ghosts and then we all would be so scared to sleep. This book made me nostalgic about those days. A combination of different scary stories and blended completely in one book. Language is easy, and all the stories are unique in their own way. The pictures in the centre of the book grabbed my attention. I don’t know whether the stories are completely true or not, but this book is my favourite for the memories it gives me.
If you love horror stories, or want to scare your younger cousins then this book is one for you.

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