Book : Ashes To Embers

Author : Pooja Pathak

Blurb : Ashes to Embers is the journey of a heart and soul towards realizing its true worth and embracing itself in times of need. It is cleaved into four sections, each reflecting a different feeling. Entwining words around self-reflection, feeling the hidden strength in pain, letting go of the hurt and allowing one to hope for a better tomorrow, Ashes To Embers, as the name suggests, is an epiphany which expresses the hope to rise again from the ashes of pain and despair, to have belief in oneself and to look for love within oneself. It symbolizes the strength in hope and how it can set aside the shadows of doubts. Interlacing the words around love, hurt, healing, and hope, this book explores the raw human emotions.

Review : 

Every single part of my shade ran wildly after yours

And ended up waiting outside the doorstep of your heart. 

To begin with, I liked the cover but it could have been better. I just feel it misses the essence of the chapters in the book.

The book consists of 4 major parts Love, Hurt, Heal and Hope.  I really loved all the musing and chapters in the book. It is strange how this book connected so beautifully with my feelings. From the first page to last this book kept me engaged.I especially loved the paragraphs in between, they are just so heart touching. It feels like they were just written for you.  Language is easy and even a perfect read for beginners.

If you feel are on a journey of healing yourself, then this book is a must read for you.

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