Book: Ivory Gleam

Author: Dr. Priya Dolma Tamang

Blurb: A deluge of poetry and prose, ambiguously honouring the essence of existence from birth onto death, life and loss, self and society, romantic love and pensive longing, melancholy of regret to gratitude in healing, and the struggles of and strength in femininity. A potpourri of musings assembled with a hint of practical spirituality, to be savoured passably as an oracle of hearts to the many answers, whose questions our minds are yet to comprehend. Ivory Gleam is split into three chapters of learning, longing and loving. Each chapter is a journey traversing a different road to the ultimate destination of self-reflection.


To begin with the book cover is so beautiful. I just couldn’t take my eyes off from the book. When I first saw the book, I knew I must have this book.

The book is divided into 3 chapters of learning, longing and loving, this book is a very beautiful collection of poem and prose. It contains musings related to all the aspects of the life. Distributed in among 236 pages, this book has collection of all colours of life. I personally love the musing of ‘New Beginning’. Language is easy but its quiet difficult for the beginners to understand.

Overall I am fan of this book. If you love poems and musings this book is a must read.


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