Book: Rhythm Of Spiritual Beats

Author: Srinivasan Panchanadam Nathan

The Collection of Poems “Rhythm of Spiritual Beats “Is Aimed at Self-Awareness and Betterment. Topics Range from Challenges of Life with Vigour to Seeking Solace in God. Poems Showing Insight and Intimacy and Tackling the Relevant Personal Issues- Death, Identity in An Approachable Manner. The Reader Needs to Turn Inward Prior To Gazing Outward at The World’s Mysteries. The Crux of These Poems Is Related to The Common Man’s Spiritual Journey into The Inner Self. There Is A Hidden Meaning for Each of His Poems Appealing to The People for A Cause. In This World Nothing Is Static, There Are Good and Bad Phases of Life Each One Has to Undergo. How Do We Perceive It and Apply the Learnings Positively Is the Message Sent Through His Poems? You Are What You Are. The Fear of Life Needs to Be Conquered and Marched Ahead. Readers Can Relate the Poems and Find It Close to Them When They Are Reading It.

To begin with the cover is beautiful. I loved the graphics and portrayal of life on the cover page. Colour Combination could have been better but overall this cover gives a nice feel too.
This book is full of short poems. The images next to each poem is so beautiful and so inspiring. The poems are so magnificent. It is based on spiritual journey of oneself. The poems depict both the good and bad times in one’s life and is a kind of inspiration. This book contains poem for each phase and each emotion of life.
If love spiritual poems than this book is for you.

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