Book: Temple Classroom

Author: Puja Roy

Blurb: A beggar girl struggling her way out in this big, bad world helplessly hoping for a benevolent hand, a housewife for whom marriage has lost its meaning long back and she is only carrying the habit of it now, a young girl who wishes to bring quality education to her illiterate village folks, an orphan who roots for her true identity in the child she is yet to birth, a village tea seller who wishes to become a famous actor in Bombay. ‘Temple Classroom & Other Stories’ is a collection of various facets that form our lives and the lives around us. These are the stories that were written over a period of 2 years in buses, trains & metros…on laptop, mobile & computer. Some of these tales were written from the myriads of experiences that life threw at the author and some are figments of her imagination, borne out of its various impressions.

To begin with the cover, it is simple. I really feel it could have been better, but this cover gives it a unique feel, so I think it is fair.
For the story, I am not a huge fan of short stories but when I heard about this book, I thought of giving it a try. This book is a collection of 16 different stories. Inspired by real life, all the stories are different. Some of them were inspiring, some of them made me smile and some made me emotional. All of them gave a different lesson and a moral to remember. Language of the author is simple, words are easy and this book can be read by the beginners too.
If you like short stories, then this book must be your pick.

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