Blurb :

In this intrepid and humorous travelogue, Carlo Pizzati embarks on a quest to find a cure for a backache that has tortured him for twenty years. Armed with his notebook and an indomitable spirit of adventure, Carlo travels from a posturologist’s office in northern Italy to the rarefied mountain air of Boulder to seek a variety of New Age alternative cures; from a trance-dance venue hidden near the woods of Cinque Terre to an exorcist-shaman’s den near Buenos Aires, who photographs demons and auras. Eventually, Carlo fetches up in India, to live and learn from the yogis at the Ashtanga yoga centre in Mysore. In India, as Carlo engages in strenuous yogic discipline, meditates atop hills, he has an explosive insight into his past births which leads to an encounter that will change his life forever. Along the way, our sceptical, suffering but always curious narrator discovers the ways in which spirituality and technology intersect. Wry, witty and wise by turns, this is a book about self-discovery, facing fears and failures, and undertaking an arduous journey with an open mind and heart.


To begin with, the choice and elements of the cover are just mind-blowing. I loved the elements and the fact that everything was bent. The title, name of the author, the graphics, all the choices were perfect. I was so impressed by the cover design. It is one of my favourites until now.
To begin with the story, I really loved the concept. From back pain to entering into a world of spirituality and technology, the storyline is different and crisp. I loved the fact that Carlo never gave up, he was calm and tried all the possible methods to make his back pain go. The book is an easy read. It might take a chapter or two to adjust with the pace of the book, but once you are set, this book becomes a way to another peaceful land.
Overall this book is a unique read, so if you like spiritual or self-help books, then this book is a must-read for you.

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