Book: The Homecoming

Author: Maitry

Blurb :

To wander like an eagle in the unending sky? Or to live in earthly comforts, pondering over what flying in the distant sky would have been like? That’s the choice Shikha must make! On a trip to Ladakh, she comes across a lifetime opportunity to fulfil a longstanding dream. Along with that comes the prospect of love which was, for so long, a chimaera for her. She dabbles in both, promising to turn her back on the life led so far and take a headlong plunge into the life that she has aspired for and which is finally beckoning her…It takes immense courage to follow one’s dream – to let go of the fears, and to relinquish the security that one gets used to. Will Shikha be able to cross that yawning gap between her aspirations and her reality? Or will a cruel twist of fate force the decision out of her hands?


To begin with, the cover is just wowww. The colour combination, the concept, everything gives this cover a wow factor. Even the fonts selection is amazing. 

To begin with the story, I honestly took some time to catch the pace of this book. For the first few pages of the book, I felt the story was slow. But as i began to become familiar with the book, I started enjoying the book. Based in Ladakh, this book was a perfect winter read for me. I loved the character of Shikha, she is strong, courageous and someone who dared to dream. This book is not only a story of love, but it is also about dreams, hope and courage.

If you would love to read a beautiful winter read, then this book is your pick !

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