Book: Are You Kiddin’ Me ?

Author: Anirban Das

Blur: Are You Kiddin’ Me? is a collection of humorous stories, with a medley of emotions and anecdotes from our everyday lives. From the aspirations of a wannabe entrepreneur, to the fate of the student who thinks he knows more than his teachers; from a young management trainee in love with his boss’s daughter to the out of body experience of an urban man.

Each story has been carefully crafted to brighten up your day. The stories are unique, each with a subtle underlying message for the discerning reader wanting to read between the lines and find that elusive deeper meaning. These hilarious stories will not only entertain, but also inspire and motivate you to love more, live better and laugh louder.And yes, there is a deliciously wicked twist in each tale.
PS: Don’t miss the footnotes.


To begin with the cover is very interesting. It’s funny as well as creative, which suits completely to the stories inside.

This book is not a normal novel we read, it’s a collection of 13 different short stories. I personally love short stories because they are quick to read. All the 13 stories are different and a mix of little humour makes it an interesting read. Some of the stories are quite okay but I really liked others. I really liked the story of ‘Memory bytes’

Author’s writing is simple and is very easy to understand. Short and interesting chapters makes it an interesting read. Overall it was a quick read. You can complete this book in a span of 3-4 hours. Short and sweet stories make this book a page turner.

If you like short and humorous stories than this book surely should be your next choice.

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