Book : The Poisoned Heart

Author: Nandini Sengupta


Sanjeev Sanyal 461 CE. Skanda Gupta, the grandson of the great emperor Chandragupta Vikramaditya, is at the helm of the still-mighty Gupta Empire. Brave, noble and a living legend, the emperor is fighting hard to save his legacy from wave after wave of invasion, intrigue and insurrection. The borders are restive; the palace is swirling with conspiracies; and the Huns are back. Into this cauldron steps Rohini – an enigmatic half-Hun runaway. She is a riddle Skanda cannot crack. Might she be an assassin, or a spy? Or has she come to the court with an agenda all her own? As ambition crosses swords with affection, Skanda and Rohini must learn a painful lesson: as in war, so in love, victory always comes at a price. The second book in the Gupta Empire Trilogy, The Poisoned Heart is a saga of tragic love, treachery and hard-won battles in the inner reaches of a once-mighty empire.


To begin with I really loved the cover. The font, title colour and the concept is so unique and attractive. It justifies the concept so beautifully.

This is the second part of the Gupta Empire Trilogy. Honestly I haven’t read the first part but nowhere in the I felt the need to read the first part.

So for this book fhe story is awesome, I completely loved it. The concept, the characterization and the storyline is so strong it keeps you engaged till the end. Writing of the author is very easy and language is so simple. The characters of Skanda and Rohini are so strong, specially Rohini, I really loved her character. The author has written the story in a very fluent way, the pace is normal and concept is very catchy, this book has everything you want in an interesting book.

If you love historical or indian mythological, then this book is surely a must read.


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