Book: Until Love Sets Us Apart
Author: Aditya Nighhot

Blurb : Aisha and Rohit are like chalk and cheese. While Rohit is completely aimless and imperfect, Aisha is focussed and a perfectionist. Just two opposites. But don’t they say opposites attract?
He loves her . . . She loves him. Their wedding is on the cards but their love is put to the test when an unforeseen incident hits their lives.
Can loving somebody immensely set you apart?
Can everything just change in the blink of an eye?
Inspired from real-life incidents, this ‘Best Romance Book of the Year’ award winning novel is a heart-wrenching tale of true love, friendship and destiny. And a young author’s quest to find out what exactly happened . . .

Review :

To begin with, I was totally in love with the cover. The colour combination and the theme is really very beautiful.

Coming to the story-line, Rohit and Aisha, who were poles apart, are madly in love. The story revolves around how they met and fell in love with each other. Their story is a perfect love story until everything changes in a blink of an eye. This unforeseen incident changes their lives.

Unpredictable Story, fast-paced and impacting Social message, are some of the very important aspects of the book. The poems in between are like a cherry on the cake. .

Loved reading the book by Aditya Nighhot

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