Book – Karna’s Wife (The outcast queen)
Author – Kavita Kane

I saw this book at a book store and I just couldn’t take my eyes of it. The name and the cover of the book was literally stuck in my head. I decided to buy the book later, but in those 3-4 days I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the book and Urvi.

When I read the book I realised that there are many characters in Mahabharata that
have played a very vital role in the war but have never been in the limelight

The story is about A Kshatriya princess, Urvi who gets married to Karna,the son of the Surya and Kunti but was abandoned by the mother at the time of the birth and later adopted by a lowly charioteer. .
The story revolves around how Urvi struggled and fought against the society for her love for Karna.
It also shows that the right and Wrong is actually the same side of the coin and it all depends on how we understand the situation

I couldn’t not help but just admire Urvi for what she had been through all her life.

This book is actually worth a read.
Thank you so much for writing this amazing book Kavita Kane I am in love with your book ☺ .

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