Book: Three Impossible Wishes

Author: Anmol Malik

Publisher: Harper Collins


19-year-old Arya Mahtani has been accepted to the University of Westley. But does she really belong there, or is she occupying a seat that would be better warmed by a more deserving student? Plagued by self-doubt, Arya begins her college life. Along the way, she meets Sahil, aka South Delhi ka Drake – the privileged little rich boy desperately trying to Keep Up With The Kardashians of Cuffe Parade and Connaught Place, and Vladimir Petrov, the vodka to Arya’s hot chocolate, and the only way out of her imminent deportation. Thrown into this mix is Arya’s complicated relationship with her self-made, Harvard graduate, Barclay top-gun dad. Funny and endearing, Three Impossible Wishes is a heart-warming book about finding love and learning to love yourself.


To begin with the cover, it’s really beautiful. It is really colourful and abstract and cheeky just like its story. A very big thumbs up for the designer who made this cover.

Some books make you fall in love with the words, and some with characters, but this book made me fall in love with myself. Just like its story, this book has its own charisma and have an effect, that you just can’t stop reading it and admiring the characters. So cutely narrated, that I actually felt, that a friend was narrating me her story. It was just so relatable. Easy words and relatable language makes it a good read even for the beginners. You will continuously have a smile on your face while reading this book

Honestly, this book made me make my own list with my three impossible wishes and I hope the most impossible ones come true, just as Arya’s Mom said Want to know more? Read the book!


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