Book: The Veiled Universe

Author: Rob Garnet

Published by: Red Knight Books

Book Cover By: Aditi Shah (The Book Story )

Blurb: What if we could travel at the speed of thought? Adrian did and he reached the edge of the universe and beyond.

What if the origins of life on Earth are far deeper than we believe? Join J’ron as she searches for the biggest question of all.

What if a star made up of diamonds is the target of the largest heist in the galaxy? Meki and Skani head over to the star named ‘Lucy’.

What if you’re not ready for how truly different reality maybe? Commander Daniel meets Melou.

What if time travel paradoxes are put to the test? If we do go back in time, can we really affect the entire world? Phil is part of the Time Travel Authority and he may just change history, as we know it.

Eleven stories to challenge every conception you may have about our world, the flow of time and this infinite universe. Do you dare let your imagination flow?

You. Will. Believe.


Wow !! what a ride. I really can’t believe I can travel through the whole universe just through a book. This book was really a huge rollercoaster ride. Ach story left me thinking, what if this is true? what will i do in this situation? I usually don’t read much of the science fictions, but this book made worth every bit of my time. It is a short read, but i kind of read one chapter a day to allow the stories sink, As a debut writer, the author has done an exceptional work  I really can’t wait to read upcoming books from this author.

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