Book : Erika-A Thriller

Author : Mansi Narula Kashyap

Published by: Let Us Write Publishing

Book Cover By: The Book Story


The driver’s voice became muffled after I saw the lady from my window. She looked exactly like me; a mirror image. I shook my head. “Jesus!”

After her parents died in a tragic car crash, Erika moves to London from Dublin to get rid of the bad memories, her frantic nightmares, and disturbing hallucinations. In time, her life settles into a new routine with Lara, with whom she shares an apartment. They become the best of friends, enjoying London and meeting new people. Life is good.

A few months later, Erika meets Ethan who is suave, professional and dependable. A whirlwind romance follows and within a week they are married. Soon, Erika starts noticing some unusual incidents; the mysterious girl Maya, some cryptic books about secret societies and even
a murder.

Will she be able to figure out these new mystical events in her life or will they overwhelm her, making her go insane?


To begin with, I am thrilled with this book. I don’t read much of psychological thrillers but this book made me realize I should do it more often. Simple writing, fast-paced and short chapters make this book a perfect read for everyone, especially the beginners. You can complete the book in one sitting as well. Each chapter ends at a turn which makes you keen to read the next chapter, hence making it a page-turner. I literally kept thinking about what will happen next. The ending was my favourite,

Overall, if you are a beginner, and want to read something interesting or just love psychological thrillers then this book is a must-read for you,

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