Book: The Day He Was Gone
Author: Anjum Awasthi


“Not every relationship is meant to heal with love. In some relationships, ruining each other is the only way to fix one another.’

Get ready to be thrilled by the dangerous love story of Agnivesh, Kartik and Reeva. A thriller about three broken souls, a love story born out of hatred. A story about hate. A story about love. .

Reeva Panchal has had a very traumatising past, but she is trying to build up her life from scratch with her art by starting up a small business. She receives a surprise marriage proposal from the wealthy hotelier Agnivesh Solanki, she can’t help but feel odd about it but for her parents, she agrees to it. With Agnivesh entry in her life, all her problems seem to grow at an unrealistic pace. While Agnivesh is still behaving suspicious, Reeva’s past is haunting to destroy and to heal their lives

A perfect story one would love to read.
If you love thriller, suspense and love stories this book is surely the next pick for you.

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