Book: The Forbidden Quest Of Mysore
Author: Puneeth

Around 500 years back a famous astrophysicist Yagnabhatta created a very powerful weapon, Gandabaerunda. To protect it from getting into hands of evil, the Great king Krishna Devaraya hid it in Mysore. Ever since then, there is a chase to find this weapon.

Amar and Pooja are deeply in love with one another. But like every other Indian Story they too have Hard hurdles. Pooja is elder and her family was richer compared to Amar. They were also from different caste and spoke different languages. They had to pass through many obstacles to win in their love.

Amar’s father has been missing who had been decoding the hidden secrets of the quest

Story embraced in the city of palaces, Amar and Pooja are in search of an impossible mission of finding the quest and also to fight against the prejudice of the Indian society to get married.

Did they find the quest? Did their family accept them?
Find out the answers in this amazing book by Puneeth and Half Baked Beans

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