Book: Sniper’s Eye

Author: Mainak Dhar

I was out on a date. Everything was perfect… Till that shot… a high-calibre one, no apparent sound. And, the man in front of me fell. A rifle with a suppressor? A sniper in the middle of a Mumbai mall? As the body count mounted, I was soon sucked deeper into the chaos unleashed by that shot. To survive and save those whom I care about, I have to become the man I left behind. I have no choice but to tap into a bloody past that has put me on the terror kill list. I may also have no option but to join hands with the sniper terrorising Mumbai. The problem is that the man has sworn to kill me. In a world where the young and poor kill and die in conflicts started by the old and rich, I and my unlikely companion finally discover the thin line that separates a mere killer from a hero. This is our story…

To begin with the cover is very attractive.
The story revolves around Aaditya and Zoya. The story begins with Aaditya dating Zoya and when one fine day they were roaming around in a mall; a man gets shot in front of him. When Aaditya tries to save the man, he comes in the limelight he was trying to run away from since he has a bitter past. The story revolves around the delicate topics like Indo-Pak relations, Jihad, Politics etc.
Overall the book is brilliantly written. The language is easy and story is on-point. The pace is as expected and full of action. The mysteries and the actions make this book a page-turner.
If you like crime fiction this book must be your next pick.


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