Book : Growing Up

Author: Ruhee Advani

So sublime
Brings out the hidden meaning
In the banality
Of everyday existence


Growing Up is a collection of poems that the author wrote during her growing years, her years of adolescence. As such they reflect all the agony and ecstasy of growing up. The pain and pleasure, joy and confusion, light and darkness of the teenage years are beautifully and poignantly expressed in this collection of poetry that will find resonance with everyone who has found growing up just a little bit difficult at times.

Poetries, Musing and Quotes have always been my favourite and a book which connects to your soul is always precious. This book is something like that. A collection of poems author wrote during her years of adolescence has power to connect directly to your growing soul. Each and every poem has a unique concept and is unique in its own way. The language is easy and simple hence helps to connect the poem in a better way. It brightens up and reflects perfectly the life and the emotions a growing up faces in his life. From love to joy to confusion to heartbreak, there is a poem for every emotion.

If you really like poems, this book is surely a must read.


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