Book : Mehfil e Chaos

Author : Syed Asim Hussaini


The syllable notes, the phonetic beats and the cluster of words! Poetry, as I call it the love child of language and emotions, the construction of rhythm from thin air, imagination being the lone helper and the outcome of which is either an organized set of emotional waterfalls or intense spiritual chaos! ‘Mehfil-e-Chaos’, is a handpicked collection of such emotional waterfalls on topics ranging from faith, love, family, friendship, and everything else that a heart can conceive.

Review :

“Do Not Take Lessons From Someone, Who Is Not You ! “

I am a huge fan of shayaris and poems and when I saw this book, I knew I was going to fall in love again. A beautiful combination of breathtaking shayaris and poems, this book is a perfect gem to have in your bookshelf. I really loved the light-hearted shayaris author made with a pinch of humour in it. Nowadays there are very few writers who write a book full of shayaris but the book is always special when some author writes one.
If you love shayaris or poems, then this book is a must-buy for you.

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