Book : Ease : A Poetic Journey Within

Author : Mukhpreet Khurana

Blurb : Ease is a poetic journey within. It is an attempt to take a dive deep into the self, a place of acknowledgement, of appreciation and of a celebration our individuality is. The book revolves around the theme “comfortable in my own skin” as it touches the softness and the power of self love, self healing, gratitude and greater good. Ease is a collection of raw, unfiltered and simple poems. Ease is a collection of poetry, art and of different writers in collaboration.

It is about blooming, about how you are all you could ever ask for. Ease is a part of the author in words seeking to be a part of your journey. Ease is his present to you, it is his journey to you, for you.


“Love yourself just enough to

Give yourself another chance at everything;

Fear not the breaking, for

That is where flowers grow.”

-Love Yourself.

To begin with, cover is just fantastic. The white satin background looks just so beautiful, it gives you a feeling of ease and a gist of what is stored for you in this book and the combination with dark green is just very catchy. I must say the designer has done very beautiful work.

I have read the first book of the author and that’s when I became the fan of his writing and his second book too, didn’t leave a chance to impress me. His writing has always inspired me and so has this book. Each page had a different poem and a different topic but it had one this common in all poems and that is power of healing. Language is simple and poetries have a great impact, so even for the beginners it will be a useful read.

So overall if you are looking for a poetry book than this book is a must read for you.

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