Book: Butterfly Met Hurricane
Author: Balakarthiga

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“Remember this. Only you can make the changes if you want things to get better than they are now. If it has to get better than this, you get up and do something about it. You don’t just crash down. It won’t make things any different.”

A story about Diana Britton. Diana born and brought up in a Tamil family. For most of her life, her parents were her entire world. But everything she knew and believed about her family is challenged when she visits her childhood home when she discovers a box of letters that will change everything she knew till now.

The story revolves around the lives of Diana and her parents, Cyril and Kayal. Kayal loved Cyril while Cyril realised it way too late but there was one important truth about Cyril which Kayal learns after their marriage.

A journey about a daughter and her mother, a journey about love and betrayal, a journey about truth and lie, a journey about life and memories. .
This story just redefined the meaning of love, the meaning about life and the meaning about soulmate. The climax was totally unexpected. Such a beautiful and unique plot.
Really loved the book Balakarthiga and Half Baked Beans .


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