Book: Fossiled Between The Sheets
Author: Tej Pratap .

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“Sometimes you love those dewdrops, more than you love the flower. Sometimes darkness wraps you more warmly than light. You don’t feel it but sometimes the weakness clings to you stronger than the power can do. And it happens because mostly you need it. ”

A story about four individuals, Anirudh: a doctor, Aradhana: a dying patient, Kabir: an unsuccessful best-seller and his wife Devika. Four different lives but they are all set in the single frame if agony and chaos. Love, life and death these people are facing all the different colours of life but yet are connected with the same feeling of pain and love.

So beautifully written, this book is surely unique in its own way. Fast paced and unique yet short story is the best feature of the story.

This book surely a gem. Thank you so much Tej Pratap and The Bookoholics


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