Book : Ambuj

Author : Anita Shirodkar

Blurb : After the Great War of Sompur, Aryavir and Sitanshu are forced to go their separate ways – one back to Kamalkund and the other to Aryavartha. As the two struggle to embrace their new roles, the great Maharajadhiraj Ambujakshan’s past sins are revealed, casting ominous shadows on the events of the present.

Against all odds, Sitanshu must accomplish a seemingly impossible task set by the Maheshwari Masters. From an ancient secret cave deep inside Mount Mandeshwar to the mysterious Raven Monastery across the border of Ch’in, Sitanshu races against time to save an entire race of people from extinction. If the mother of all weapons – the Mahavidhvamsha Astra, is released, the Old World will be plunged back into Andhasaya – the darkest of ages.

Review : To begin with, I really love the graphics on the cover. The fonts and the colour combination give a perfect touch to the cover.

To be honest I haven’t read the first 2 parts. But nowhere in the book had I felt the need of it. The story is about Sitanshu who is set on a mission to accomplish the impossible task. I really loved the book. I am a fan of fiction especially those set in ancient times and this book really kept me hooked up. I loved the storyline, concept and characters. Scenerios were beautifully described. I could travel through the story and feel the characters.

If you love ancient fictions like me, then this book is a pick for you.

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