Book: Girl Power!

Author: Neha J Hiranandani

Blurb: Fifty awesome women. Fifty awe-inspiring stories. One defining moment. Scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, scholars, athletes and queens. Trace the journeys of these Indian women and their extraordinary lives.


To begin with the cover is beautiful. Bright colors, shiny stars and very attractive yellow color makes this cover very eye catching. I loved the pop effect on the cover page.

The book consist of stories about 50 inspiring women. It consists of tales of women’s achievement in all the fields whether it is space or education or even entrepreneurship. The illustration besides all the pages are just so beautiful. I must say the artist has done a fantastic job depicting the emotion in the picture. Language is easy, the concept is unique and this book is surely an inspiration for kids. Along with the cover and pictures the stories will make your child dream more.

So overall, the book ‘ Girl Power !’is going to be favorite for the kids around you. And so if you are looking something for your kids or your cousins then ‘Girl Power’ is surely a pick !


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