Book: Turn The tables

Author: Priya Kumar

Blurb :

Turn the Tables is a book where I have penned down the lessons that I have learned through some really trying and challenging situations which brought me to where I am today, a place where I am a bigger and better person, where I know that I can be the solution to any problem that comes my way and use it to grow further and higher. Challenges have brought me inner strength and power. Success has brought me responsibility and balance. I have learned through both. And I have learned well. To ask for success is to ask for challenges, that is a truth that I have accepted. And so, I ask for challenges, big challenges, and many challenges. I know that every challenge comes with the unbroken promise of success when it is overcome.
Turn The Tables is a journey through challenges into opportunities. Every situation and person that presents itself in your arena is purpose-bound to serve you a unique lesson. When learned, that lesson can bring magic in your everyday life. Be the magician, the source of control and creation, where no matter what life brings to you, your destiny can never be denied.
To begin with the cover is very catchy. I loved the colour combination. The bright red in combination of white makes it very vibrant and attractive.
This is like the fourth book I have read by this author and like always even this book has been added to one of my favourites. I loved how the author has shared her real life experiences. Her journey has always been an inspiration and so it is this book.
If you love inspirational books, all books from this author is a must read for you


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