Book: The Unkown Lives

Author: Pankaz and Manoz

Blurb : In an unannounced moment ‘LOVE’ has betrayed the wisdom of a highly esteemed man where he finds himself surrounded with innumerable dubiety that seems intractable and unconquerable.
Troops of unsympathetic fear have intruded the exceedingly innocent mind and heart of a nine year old girl who seems to have no idea that the future will recognise her as a ‘PROSTITUTE’.
This book in its pages accommodates fifteen rare stories of ‘FIFTEEN DIFFERENT LIVES

To begin with, I Liked the concept of the cover. Image little offset along with white border, this is something unusual, something unique, something out of the box.
This book is a collection of 15 short stories, mainly they are the letters from the 15 individuals with different lives and different background, some with the name, some without.
I loved the concept of the book, all stories are unique and has some important lessons to teach us. The language is easy and all stories are very engaging.
Overall I loved this book. If you like short stories then this book is a must read for you

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