Book: Pokhran (A Novel )

Author: Uday Singh


The success of the ‘Smiling Buddha’ nuclear test marked the rise of India as a nuclear power in 1974. But what went unreported in the media was the nuclear fallout that had a lasting impact on the inhabitants of Pokhran, especially Chaitanya.

It quickly becomes clear that the conspiracy surrounding this radioactive fallout runs pretty deep in the establishment. Those who have had a hand in covering it up are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that the secrets stay buried.

Chaitanya sets on a journey to expose the truth. With Zara by his side, he is sure to bring justice to his people. But when fate snatches Zara away from him, he is consumed by revenge. Undeterred by threats, he embarks on a mission that takes him from the deserts of Pokhran to those of Syria, and into the halls of MIT.


So to begin with I met this book even before it was launched and so this book has a special place in my heart.

Let’s talk about the cover now, I really liked it, the way the city emerges from the blast smoke summarised the story completely.

I loved the storyline. It teaches us that not every pause is an end, It can be a new start as well. Writing is beautiful. The characters are strong and the portrayal is very good. The twists and turns are mind-blowing. Easy language and grasping storyline makes this book a page-turner.

Overall, this fictional is all set to take you on the most incredible and adventurous journey of your life. So if you want to read a thrilling story then this book is for you.

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