Book: Neverfound Land

Author: Durriya Kapasi

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‘Neverfound Land’s is Sequel of the book ‘Once Upon A Genie’ is a story about Solomon, who is a hybrid of Genie and Human. His life changes when he discovers his hidden supernatural powers and truth hidden from him for twenty years. Hid ordinary life turns into an adventure when his foster father is kidnapped. .
Will Solomon step into the land of Genies to save his loved oned? .

The story starts with Solomon visiting Cario for his study trip when he discovers a fortune teller and the truth hidden from him for 20 years. His journey takes him to a different land and makes him discover his hidden powers.
A beautiful fictional adventure story about the genies and the humans. A unique and interesting plot. You will just fall in love with Daisy, Darren, Khalil, Sheikh and surely Solomon.
If you are a fan of the stories like Aladdin, then this book is surely your next pick.


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