Book : Makhan Chor

Author : Deepa Iyer

Blurb :
Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. He is the epitome of love and playfulness. The young and the old alike are enthralled by his leelas. All his leelas – be it as the chubby Laddoo Gopal or the adorable Makhan Chor or the eternal lover of Radha or the Supreme Guru – are colourful and filled with mirth.

Deepa Iyer desires to drive home some of the priceless values necessary to evolve as a good human being to today’s millennial generation. What an awesome way to achieve this by humanizing Krishna through some of his divine leelas!

The illustration on the cover page is really beautiful. This book is a perfect choice for the kids in your house. Each page has an illustration besides it and that is really attractive. Language is very easy and hence it becomes a perfect companion for the kids. Short chapters and easy moral will surely inspire the kids.
If you are looking for a book for you kids to read, then this book should surely be your pick.

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