Book: It’s Complicated!

Author: Naveen Ajjappa

Publisher : Notion Press

A young man came to know that he was adopted that and his biological father, who was alive, asked his foster parents to promise to keep his identity hidden at all costs. But he knew the truth that his father married another woman and he had a stepsister.

He decided to reveal this truth to his wife-to-be, who was his stepsister’s best friend. While his past love affairs still haunted him, he was left with numerous questions.

Would she accept what happened in his life? Why was he adopted? Would he be able to meet his father and stepsister and stay with his new family?

His life always had many unexpected twists and turns. He decided that no matter how much twists and turns his life offered him, he should get going and should imbibe an ability to be adaptable and flexible as it would help him to stay open to all the hidden gifts that life offered him.


To begin with the cover, I liked the design. Fonts choice was amazing. I just feel colour combinations could be a little better but overall its a nice cover.

I really liked the storyline. The concept is fresh and new. At first I thought its a cliche love story, but after going through few pages, I knew this book was different. The ending was really interesting and added perfect spice to the book. Overall the pace of the story is good. Everything is on point and language used is very easy to understand. So overall this book is a perfect pick for beginners.

If you wish to read something entertaining and adventurous then this book is your pick.

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