Book : Dark Blue Sea

Author : Shruti Rathi

Blurb :

A million drops make the sea as though it contains infinity.
It swells, it ebbs, it never sleeps, it’s full to the brim but it never leaks.

The Dark Blue Sea, Shruti Rathi’s debut poetry collection is a metaphorical journey of self-discovery. Seeped in mysticism, the verses have thought-provoking ideas and evocative imagery. The poems are an exploration of human emotions, self-love and spirituality weaving a blanket of surrealism in an inspirational and cathartic release.

To begin with, the cover is so beautiful. The effect of sea and colours are so vibrant. I really loved it.
The poems and the verses, in the book is divided into three parts, dark, blue and sea. The writing so good. The poems and the verses are deep, meaningful and very precisely written. The language is easy. I have always been a fan of proses and poetries and this book has completely reached to my expectations. Out of all the proses, ‘Nothing Lasts’ is my favourite.
Overall, if you are a fan like me of quotes and proses, then this book is a must read for you.

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