Book – Aqson : Level 1

Author – Sreejib

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Good is bring good to everyone irrespective of how the other person is. Bad is being bad to everyone irrespective of how the other person is.


Aqson is a fantasy story about God and the Lucifer. When it became impossible to decide the superior between God and Lucifer, a gam was set to decide the guardian angel of this world. All the warrior angels were split into two teams: team Lucifer and team God and an unusual map were set. One such game is Aqson. The goal of the game was to achieve the position of Prime Minister of India.
Meanwhile, in India, a new student party called PEERS are emerging. Who are these PEERS and who are they connected to the game of Aqson?
Pick a side because the game has just begun.


Just by looking at the cover and the blurb of this book, I knew this is something I just want to read. The way story unfolds, it just makes you more and more addictive to the book and is totally awe-inspiring. The characters are portrayed so strong and are used perfectly throughout the book. One would actually laugh at the jokes of Toya’s friend or would actually feel the seriousness of the game ‘Aqson.’ After the first few chapters, you would be sure which side you want to be. The story is quite hatke and if you are a fan of fables like Harry Potter, then you will surely love this book.

Pace and Construct of Story:

The story is fast-paced. It takes 2 or 3 chapters to grasp the speed but once we get familiar with the writing and characters, the book becomes a page-turner. The characters depicted were very strong. I especially loved the characters of Yuvrani and Toya. The blend of the real and imaginary was so perfect that it will just blow your mind.


Very brilliant story, an unusual combination of reality and imagination, a fascinating climax and heart-wrenching characters are some of the very important points of the book.

About The Author: 

Koel Ganguli started writing Aqson in 2013. She chose Sreejib as her pseudonym because it was husbands name. She lost her husband in the year 2014 after being diagnosed with leukaemia. He loved the story of Aqson and would always encourage Koel to write the book. Koel also believes that stories choose writers and not the other way around. Here is the fantasy fable that chose her as its storyteller.

If you really want to read something different and unique this book should be your next pick.


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