“5 Books With” is a fun interview with Authors and where we can know about their favourite books. So today we had a fun round with Author Surbhi Singh

About The Author:

I am an oral and maxillofacial radiologist, serving in my native state Uttarakhand in a government hospital.

Your published books:

Till you find your soulmate

Your favourite book:

The Power of the Subconscious mind by Dr Joseph murphy 

The book that inspired you to write:

It’s the surrounding that inspired to write. For me, Nature did the trick.

Your go-to book:

The secret 

The book you wish had a different ending:


Book you recommend to everyone to read once in a lifetime :

The power of the subconscious mind 

About Her Book :

Some of us find the concept of ‘Soulmate’ alien and some
have full faith in the system; whether we believe in the system or not we do need a partner in our lives who can not only complete us but also help us grow as a person with each day. Nandini, an intern at a hospital in Delhi, is smart, confident and unapologetic for her behaviour. She has been dating guys but none of her relationships worked until she met Kunal, a stubborn a journalist who made Nandini question her past and future relationships. Kunal being a casanova, have had dated many girls, but fell in love with Nandini’s guts and perspective to see the life so differently and with the simplest rules. Their chemistry was beyond words. Everything was going great until Nandini’s father falls sick-making her move to a different city and Kunal takes up an opportunity abroad. Will the soulmates find their ways back to each other again? Even if that means leaving the life they have built?

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