Book: The Singing Guru

Author: Kamla K. Kapur


From the best-selling author of Ganesha Goes to Lunch and Rumi’s Tales from the Silk Road comes an original novel about the life and travels of Guru Nanak, a musician, enlightened thinker, and one of the most beloved figures in eastern spirituality.

In this fascinating book, Kamla K. Kapur weaves together facts, legends, folktales, myths, and over forty of Guru Nanak’s poems—preserved in the Sikh holy book, the Granth Sahib—to form this captivating depiction of the leader’s life. From being seduced by deadly women to almost getting eaten by cannibals, the exciting account presented in The Singing Guru includes moral tales without being proselytizing. Factual details are intermingled with fantasy to produce a symbolic portrait in which humour and imagination combine to convey a profound and entertaining spiritual narrative.


To begin with the cover, I really loved it. It is so simple yet so attractive. The picture of the Guru Nanak on the cover page is so calming. The title itself made me keen to read the book.

Honestly, before starting with this book, I didn’t have much idea about Sikh community or Lord Guru Nank, but I always wanted to know about it and so I picked this book. This book is so beautifully crafted. I loved how the stories are narrated. The perfect blending of imagination and reality from the author makes this book very precious. The narration is simple, the dohas in between makes it more interesting. This book obviously gave me a lot to learn and understand, and the stories I always wanted to hear.

Overall very beautiful cover, amazing concept, perfect narration and easy language makes this book a must read. If you love Historical or mythological fiction or stories than this book is surely a must read.

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